Our creative mindset and research experience will enable you innovate, optimize your processes and adapt to digital transformation

Our EC funding services aim to support your project throughout the lifecycle of the preparation process starting from ideation and concept development, proposal design and submission to the overall coordination of the implementation phase
European Commission funding diagram

At proposal preparation, our experts can assist you towards maximizing the chances of approval. With a series of activities our team will support you in choosing the most relevant calls for proposals and will lead the concept transformation to best fit the appropriate instruments, ensuring the design of a first-class consortium. Novelcore will:

  • Support you throughout the concept development
  • Structure a funding strategy for your organization
  • Identify research questions and gaps
  • Align the objectives with the programme goals
  • Ensure a vigorous impact and a structured communication strategy
  • Design of a state of the art and beyond work plan
  • Offer overall coordination of preparation actions
  • Build an outstanding and high class consortium
  • Submit your proposal

Project Coordination and day to day management are highly challenging and time consuming tasks. Novelcore’s assistance in project coordination and day to day management will provide you the time to focus on the research and development activities. We will:

  • Undertake the overall communication with the EC
  • Set and establish communication tools among the consortium partners
  • Ensure a collaborative mentality among the consortium members
  • Undertake the administration and financial activities
  • Design and adjust open communication pathways to monitor the progress
  • Prepare, review, contribute to the overall reporting on the progress of the project to the authorizing bodies

We strive to innovate through the exploration of revolutionary and emerging technologies.

  • We are here to extract your needs, in terms of system and user requirements and transform them into tangible solutions.
  • Whether you want to create and launch a new product originating from your project or transform, automate and optimize the internal process of your business we can support you through data driven solutions.
  • Our experience in machine learning & artificial intelligence applications will provide you the results that your organization deserves, enabling interoperability by design while bringing in the foreground the enhanced scalability and performance.

Communicating and disseminating EU project’s results is of significant importance. Both activities require dedicated planning to continuously monitor project KPIs. Our business development and innovation management pool of experts will ensure the transformation of the project outcomes to exploitable assets with a solid and structured exploitation and sustainability strategy.

  • We provide a benign environment for the commercialisation and exploitation activities
  • We extend the understanding of the project’s impacts by closely involving a diverse set of stakeholders and existing systems
  • Our network provides the involvement of experts in the advisory board
  • We will interact with standardization bodies to ensure the acceptance and sustainability of the project components and integrated solution after the project conclusion
  • We conduct a cost-benefit analysis and explore the business models for the exploitable assets of your project
A combination of Technical, Business and Science competencies with a focus on setting the path throughout the definition of innovative custom software application solutions
Monitor with source code
Novelcore’s R&D specializes in visualizing the needs of the customers towards designing and developing prototypes and high quality software applications with a view to optimize their business processes.
Novelcore’s multidisciplinary team will assist you throughout the process of prototyping your idea.
With a team of high value experts we can transform your idea into high quality solutions, using state of the art and cutting edge technologies.