We strive to explore various research areas of emerging technologies through conceptual and practical means

We constantly work on broadening our horizons and expanding our expertise within domains and industries of value
Knowledge Graph based Decision Making

We advance decision making support technologies for the needs of large-scale problems by adopting a knowledge-based decision-making view.

AI-augmented Data Schema Orchestrator

We operate an AI-augmented Data Orchestrator to enable information sharing across organizations, systems and data sources.

Graph-Based Text Representation

We deliver the graph-of-docs representation on knowledge graphs, where multiple textual documents are depicted in a single graph.

Argumentation Mining and Aggregation

We automatically extract arguments from problem related textual corpora to provide meaningful structured data for the reasoning engines delivered.

Smart Deliberation Monitoring

We predict potential relationship types between nodes of a knowledge graph by employing a wide range of link prediction and ML techniques.

Deliberation Structuring and Visualization

We adopt a participatory process to trail deliberation technologies with the stakeholders by adopting an integrated DevOps- MLOps approach.

Link Prediction

We predict potential relationship types between nodes of a knowledge graph by employing a wide range of link prediction and ML techniques upon the investigating setting.

Explanation Generator and Reporting

We offer diverse explainability and reporting functionalities in our AI modules by utilizing the knowledge graph structure, contents and semantics.

Synthetic Data Generation

We generate custom datasets for training purposes of ML pipelines and fine tuning of AI models, while addressing missing data and their metadata, reducing bias and improving the quality of conclusions

Our technological interests aim to guide our community to a smooth adaptation of the digital transformation towards limitless technological dynamics
  • Machine Learning

  • Neural Networks

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Distributed Ledger

  • Distributed Computing

  • System Dynamics

  • Smart Data Structures

  • Knowledge Graphs

  • Data Handling

Our research outputs are designed to be applied in diverse domain areas

We develop efficient eGovernance models to address the challenges that governance structures in the EU are currently facing towards the democratization and openness of the public administration services.


We design novel decision making models for cross-sector healthcare experts, healthcare providers and patients, based on data driven results using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Earth Observations

Following the growing trends in the development of innovative tools, services and methodologies that utilize Earth Observations, we design and develop semantically enhanced knowledge graphs that enable structuring of content in climate-related applications.

Water Management

We develop open and transparent governance frameworks, supported by AI-augmented computational solutions to effectively engage all actors towards the definition of novel water governance schemes and water management practices.



Fields: earth observations, high performance computing, green deal

Website: www.eo4eu.eu


Fields: smart city, open data ecosystem, open collaboration network

Website: pleiadesiot.com


Fields: enhanced pedagogies, learning analytics, 21st century skills

Website: augmentor-project.eu


Fields: nutrition, dietetics, childhood obesity, synthetic data clinical pilots

Website: www.bio-streams.eu


Fields: TCO Regulation, hosting service providers, terrorist content online

Website: www.alliesproject.com/


Fields: digital tools, deliberative democracy, argumentation

Website: orbis-project.eu/


Fields: clinical analysis, colorectal cancer, screening programme

Website: www.dioptra-project.eu


Fields: cultural heritage, landscape services, sustainable practices, hybrid prototyping

Website: www.palimpsest-project.eu/