PLEIADES innovation cluster

Title: Pleione: Internet of Everything

Programme: Συνεργατικοί Σχηματισμοί Καινοτομίας

Call: 2η πρόσκληση

Funding agency: General Secretariat of Research and Innovation (Greece) and the European Union

Grant agreement No: ΓΓ2CL-0364874

Brief description

Novelcore as a member of the Pleiades Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Cluster participates in the project Pleione: Internet of everything that is co-funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Innovation and the European Union, under the grant agreement ΓΓ2CL-0364874.

The aim of the project is to operationalize the goal of developing the goals of the Smart City Council (SCC) as well as to modernize the participating organizations, bringing them to the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) through the work on the collaborative schemes for the implementation of vertical solutions. The implementation of the proposed project is expected to have the following important results:

  • Providing a comprehensive horizontal IoT platform to support and enhance vertical solutions and services.
  • Creating an open data ecosystem.
  • Creating a mature research framework for the study of modern IoT communication technologies.
  • Highlighting synergies and establishing an open collaboration network.
  • Sustainable connection of research with quality innovative entrepreneurship.

The Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster focuses on Internet of Things technologies to introduce new business models, improve the delivery of services, increase efficiency in production, and to enhance wellbeing and integrated services, such as application-monitoring and activity-monitoring devices.

Our role

We participate in the horizontal working, responsible for the creation of a horizontal smart city platform, on which important vertical solutions will be developed, creating both a basis of interoperability, exploitation and cooperation with significant growth potential, as well as specific products and services from the development of vertical solutions.


Sep 2022 – Ongoing

Domain areas
  • internet of things
  • internet of everything
  • clustering activities
  • smart cities
  • open data ecosystem