June 2023

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The ALLIES project aims to support micro and small Hosting Service Providers (HSP) in achieving compliance with the new requirements and obligations under the “Terrorist Content Online” (TCO) Regulation.  This will be achieved through the creation of proper learning, training, experience sharing mechanisms as well as technical Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Even though the number of terrorist attacks have remained approximately at the same level as the previous years (119 in 2020 and in 2019, 129 in 2018), there is a new factor that plays a pivotal role for the spread of violent extremism propaganda – the Internet. One of the most dangerous and trending types of misuse of the opportunities that the Internet offers in the field of public security has been proven to be the usage of social media and websites for dissemination of terrorist content.

Consequently, a step further was taken by the European Union on the matter by adopting a new Regulation, namely Regulation (EU) 2021/7845 (also known as the TCO Regulation) urging the implementation of specific protective measures. The TCO Regulation requires online hosting providers to remove any illegal terrorist content within one hour, after having received an official removal order.

The outcomes of this project will not only contribute to the enforcement of the TCO Regulation, but they are also profoundly aligned with the objectives laid down by the European Commission in the 2020 Counter Terrorism Agenda.

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